Year comes to an end (Part II)

Well, last trip of the year…Charlotte, NC!! What a beautiful city!! Certainly one of the most beautiful metropolitan area of the US and the largest city of the NC. I was used to think that Charlotte was the capital of NC, but no, Raleigh is.

We arrived on Friday Dec 5th and stayed at Matthews (known for the short drive to Uptown Charlotte). We hit Uptown, Charlotte on Saturday. For our surprise, Charlotte was hosting the NCAA Football ACC Championship “Florida State vs Georgia Tech”. Uptown was packed and full of colors…gold and white, garnet and gold. We couldn’t get into couple of bars and restaurants because of the multitudes.  We ended up in City Smoke (Great choice!), great Pulled Pork and bourbon.  There, we wait until the football game started and moved to Mortimer’s Pub at the Epicentre.  We hit the lottery…music, football, beers, drinks, shots and another round of shots.

On Sunday, we went back to Uptown to visit the major attractions and take some pictures. Check them out at the end of the post!!!

I should add two more things to this post:  1. We have learned a lot of things in our trips.  On this one, I would say that the most important thing we learned was: check your luggage before hit the road. Ensure you have the appropriate clothes for the destiny you are heading to.  2. We are more than glad for the 2014 year adventures and looking forward for a new year full of health, life, food, and traveling.


Georgia Tech Car
Charlotte Uptown View
Georgia Tech Car
Nascar Hall of Fame
Nascar Hall of Fame
Bank of America Stadium (Home of the NFL Carolina Panthers)


City Smoke
City Smoke




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