“Country music, country food, country life…Nashville” 


We finally got out of town but I should say it was not one in our bucket list. We went to Nashville, Tennessee on New Years day.

Dressed up and ready for some good music, we hopped on the hotel’s complimentary shuttle to downtown. First stop of the night was at Legends Corner.  The layback atmosphere was noticeable. People singing, laughing, drinking and having a good time, we were no exception.  We grabbed a bite at Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, not the best but just what we needed at the time.  Apparently, I offended a guy by wearing a tie and a vest. But hey, I just wanted to impress my girlfriend and she was happy so I took it off and we moved on to the next bar, Honky Tonk.  We called it a night and a cab.

Day 2 started with breakfast at The Garden Brunch Cafe. This cozy local place is awesome. If you are in the area, this place is a must. If they serve fancy drinks, mimosa and coffee before noon, I’m in and this place was all about of this. I have to add that the food was great. And with that we were ready for some sightseeing that only consisted of The Parthenon.  We went in, learned about it and took pictures. This is a subliminal message from my partner in crime to let me know how badly she wants to travel to Greece. I Got It!!! It was football championship day, a bottle of wine awaited for us at the hotel. This time around we wanted to do sushi for dinner (Koto, not much to say about this place) and go to the other bars we didn’t get to see the first night.  We went to Layla’s Bluegrass Inn, Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge, The Stage.  All of these in the Honky Tonk Highway. Walking around and farther out we ended up at a place called the WildHorse Saloon. A very layback, fun place suited for shots, shots, shots! Not a bad place, but if I were you I would stay at the Honky Tonk Highway were the action is. Crossing the streets we munched on pizza to go back to the hotel. A Fun night!

Last day in Nashville wasn’t any different. Good breakfast to start off! This time around we walked more, to get some souvenirs and take pictures. Kind of an obsession now, pictures of the places we visit. The day was getting gloomy and rainy so we spotted ourselves at Rippy’s Bar and Grill. Beers, drinks, football, music, hot wings, a great way to say ’til next time Nashvegas. Nashvegas is all about jeans, caps, beards, good live country music, good food, and a lot of booze and fun.  Nashvegas…We’ll be back!!!


Broadway avenue
Broadway avenue
Broadway avenue
Broadway avenue
Broadway avenue
Broadway avenue
Honky Tonk fun! fun! fun!
Honky Tonk  fun! fun! fun!


Country Breakfast
Country Breakfast
Layla's club
Layla’s club
shots, shots, shots
shots, shots, shots

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